Examples of Creative Single Page Websites


Web world is the one thing where trends change quickly. It’s high time for a trend of Creative single page website designs. All the one page lovers, you do not have to turn a page at all. Here are really great & creative single page websites which will blow your minds. Single yet innovative!  

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Creative Mom Turns Baby’s Naptime into Dream Adventures


Here are some pictures where creative mom has turns her baby’s naptime to dream adventures. A ladder on which sleeping baby climbs to pick stars, baby sailing in the sea, baby as a Gulliver in Gulliver’s Travels, baby playing with animals, baby as a witch of Halloween & what not? Mom has turned her baby to every possible dream adventure.

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35+ Creative Advertisements Which Will Make You Laugh


David Ogilvy, the father of creative advertising has said, “The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.” Here are those followings, 30+ creative advertisements which make you laugh hard & not let you forget product. These ads might be weird but are the best example of out of box thinking.

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Collection of Modern E-Commerce Websites


In this day & age, if you are not making your product available, you are missing a lot out there. Despite economic recession, online purchasing is not out of the way with consumers. Have you ever thought why is that? The answer lies in design of e-commerce websites. If the e-commerce website is attractive enough, it always attracts consumer.

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Not a Photo! Hyperrealistc Portrait of Morgan Freeman using 285,000 brush strokes on an iPad Air by Kyle Lambert

Kyle Lambert's iPad Air painting of Morgan Freeman

You may have seen this one on social media sites doing the rounds. It’s so impressive that we thought we should feature this. Artist Kyle Lambert creates a photo-realistic painting of Morgan Freeman on an iPad Air, using the Procreate App. Kyle Lambert is a UK based illustrator and oil painter, and used 285,000 brush strokes to complete this work. ...

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Amazing Dad’s colouring of his daughter’s drawings


I remember creating a painting of a drawing my daughter did on a stretched canvas (I will place a pic of that here). Here’s a father who turned his own daughter’s drawings into work’s of art, simply for the sake of it. Children have some great freedom and unrestricted creative processes in their drawings. I think this would be a ...

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Polygon Art


Using vector based triangles to generate portraits of people, animals and buildings is beginning to be used more frequently in graphic design. It is worth investing many hours into practising this method of graphic design as it is one of many great skills to add to your kit.  Hope Little has created her own ‘Trianimal Series’ which shows an excellent ...

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As designers, we all know that we need EPS files of logos for vector scalability. Whenever I receive a Jpeg file from a customer of their logo to use in designs, I find myself over explaining my reasoning for a scalable vector file. This nice little presentation, by NoJPEG.org, explains this in a non-confusing manner. It’s a great tool to ...

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Useful Tools for Creative Minds


As a designer/artist, the idea generation stage of a concept can be the most exciting & invigorating experience. However, it can also be the most time-consuming, frustrating and challenging process. So how does one actually come up with ideas? There is no right or wrong method, as each creative mind works best in their individual ways. Ideas can come from ...

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The art of Vencent Ko


Vencent Ko is an extraordinarily successful painter – he had his first showing at the Sydney Affordable Art Fair. Having seen is work in person (and owning some), I can vouch first hand how beautiful his work is, and the visual depiction of music/rhythm he has in his Musique series and Ballerina series of paintings. Vencent Ko has exhibited around ...

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