As designers, we all know that we need EPS files of logos for vector scalability. Whenever I receive a Jpeg file from a customer of their logo to use in designs, I find myself over explaining my reasoning for a scalable vector file. This nice little presentation, by, explains this in a non-confusing manner. It’s a great tool to ...

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Useful Tools for Creative Minds


As a designer/artist, the idea generation stage of a concept can be the most exciting & invigorating experience. However, it can also be the most time-consuming, frustrating and challenging process. So how does one actually come up with ideas? There is no right or wrong method, as each creative mind works best in their individual ways. Ideas can come from ...

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The art of Vencent Ko


Vencent Ko is an extraordinarily successful painter – he had his first showing at the Sydney Affordable Art Fair. Having seen is work in person (and owning some), I can vouch first hand how beautiful his work is, and the visual depiction of music/rhythm he has in his Musique series and Ballerina series of paintings. Vencent Ko has exhibited around ...

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Securing your WordPress install


When developing websites, I often turn my own designs into custom themes on WordPress for clients. Often this involves setting up their site and WordPress install. As a designer, I love the creativity of turning my unique designs into a functional site, and with the ease of using WordPress, the site can be quickly installed. However, I think it’s important ...

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Outstanding Google Fonts for Web Design


In recent years we’ve seen a number of developments and advancements, such as responsive design, that have had a major impact on the web design industry. One of the most significant advancements has been improved options for using a greater variety of fonts in your web design projects. Google Web Fonts is one of the leading options, although there are ...

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Creative Friends: Want Pretty


Our creative friend today is Flik, an Australian Brisbane based graphic designer Flik is a graphic designer, and owner of Want Pretty. She is a very talented graphic designer, however, Want Pretty is a creative outlet for her to indulge in the design and creation of invitations. Probably the best way to find out how Want Pretty came about is ...

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Lootback: Cash Back for Designers

test offers users a chance to buy stock photos or vector files at an affordable price. As a designer getting these files at a good price, is serious growth. Many sites frustrate this search for better services at affordable prices. Quality is also a huge issue with most of stock photos and vector files. This and many other reasons have ...

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Identify fonts with!


To those designers and creatives out there who spot a font on advertisements, art, and other graphics and would like to find out what the font is, whatfontis is the way forward. Searching through large databases of fonts will no longer be a stress, when in 3 easy steps, you will be closer to finding your font, or identifying it ...

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How to make money from Photography


Gregory Heisler featured on a video on how photographers get hired. He goes through a brief concept that can help those struggling in the business, and inspire them to continue not only in photography, but whatever their expertise is. Heisler states: “The business is about relationships…People aren’t hiring a photographer, they’re hiring a person…What it really comes down to is ...

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Create Brand Awareness Online and Off


Almost 60 percent of the people online connect with one or more companies through social networking channels, says Social CRM Insider. Every company with a website needs to tap into this pool of potential followers. An offline following still exists, and by combining your online and offline campaigns, you’ll have access to a larger target market. Your Online Marketing Portfolio ...

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Apple releases new Ipad Air & Retina Ipad Mini


With Apple’s latest keynote event this fall, the company announced to new products in the tablet range: Ipad Air & the Retina Ipad Mini. Image: iPad Air vs iPad – Source: Digital Versus   The name given to these products almost reveals everything; With the Air obviously suggesting a lighter updated model, the newly revamped Ipad also has other updated ...

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7 Tips for a Conversion-Friendly eCommerce Site

Businessman pressing virtual promotion and shipping type of icon

Most retail and eCommerce sites report an average conversion rate of 3 percent, according to Search Marketing Standard. Conversion rates are the primary metric by which your eCommerce site will be judged, and even if you’re already getting good conversion rates there is always room for improvement. The conversion rate of a site is the amount of visitors that actually ...

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