30 Stylish Free Fonts


Typography is one inevitable thing in web design. Instead of being with plain text, if you have a bit of style with typography, it works wonders. For this, designers require some special & classy fonts, right? But you don’t have to worry. Because here we are presenting you 35 stylish free fonts.  

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Free PSD and HTML5 Website Templates

Uniweb fashion PSD layered template

The guys at Uniweb have a selection of free web templates. Most of them are layered PSD files along with a few html5 templates. At the time of writing, there are 46 free templates to choose from, which are mostly PSD file web templates, along with a few log in screen templates. All of them are free, and to access ...

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A refreshing (and perhaps honest) take on slogans

Maybellene - Maybe it's PhotoShop

Brands rely on slogans to convey their message or product USP (unique selling proposition). Many have been cemented in our lives, but I think we’ve all tried to strip down the marketing of certain brands to uncover the uncover what they really are, and are perhaps associated with perhaps ‘not so believable’ expectations. Clif Dickens is a graphics designer who ...

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An Advanced File Manager Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Advanced File Manager Plugin screenshot

If you’ve designed and built a site in WordPress, you probably know that the in built media library is not really set up to organize your files, other than by month and year folders. There are many times when I have needed a good folder structure set-up in the media library, just to keep track of what’s in there, and ...

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50 Free PSDs and Actions for Mockups


50 Free PSD’s very usful for produce realistic mockups. Add to your arsenal of tools for graphic design which allows producing work for clients easier! View source to view the full article from webdesignfact.   Mockups are prototype or sketch that represents actual design. Mock-ups are used by designers mainly to acquire feedback from users. It’s easier to understand a ...

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20 fonts every graphic designer should own


Looking for some long standing timeless fonts, along with something to give a bit of pzazz when the serifs and sans-serifs of ubiquitous fonts are not enough? Here’s a list of twenty fonts that every designer should own. Amongst this list are some reliable classics, that as fonts, have earned their way as timeless fonts over the years, whilst at ...

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Designer vs Developer average global salaries infographic


According to the data gathered by staff.com, Australia has emerged to be the highest paying country, on average, in various roles from graphic designer to senior web developer. Have a look for yourself and see how you compare on this interactive infographic below, which shows average salaries around the globe from graphic designer to senior web developer based on the ...

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Font: Helvetica Neue Ultra Light (iOS 7)


Like the new typeface the iOS 7 uses? Here’s some history behind it: (Source: wikipedia) “Helvetica is a widely used sans-serif typeface developed in 1957 by Swisstypeface designerMax Miedinger with Eduard Hoffmann.” Neue Helvetica is a reworking of the typeface with a more structurally unified set of heights and widths. It was developed at D. Stempel AG, a Linotype subsidiary. The studio manager was Wolfgang Schimpf, and his ...

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Really Useful Free Vector Files for Designers


Designers use art for all kinds of work, to beautify it in its own way. We know, designing is not a simple job. It could take days to reach your goal, say deadlines to meet up those of clients. Sometime it becomes time consuming & requires much of thinking. But worry no more. Here are really useful free vector files ...

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Digital Photo Restoration


Here’s a before and after example of a digital photo restoration. Digital photo restoration is usually done in Adobe PhotoShop, and involves scanning in a damaged photo and restoring it digitally by re-sampling pixels from areas of the photo that are not damaged. The difficulty in restoring the image depends on where the damage sits. For example, a blurry background ...

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SEO For Photographers Part 3: 5 Great Link Building Strategies


Source: http://photodoto.com/ By Nigel Merrick   Although paying attention to your on-site search engine optimization is important, and it’s vital to select and use the right keywords for your photography business (see “SEO For Photographers, Part 2: Where To Use Your Keywords“), that only accounts for around 25% of the factors involved in your search engine ranking calculations. The remaining 75% of ...

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