Photography (Old)

35 Beautiful Black and White Photos

35. black and white photo

The black and white scene gives a more dramatic feel and also makes the viewer think about the whole story behind the photo. Check out these superb photos and let me know what you think. Also, if you have or know a black and white picture which is great, don’t hesitate to post it here.

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Fstoppers First Look: Sigma’s New 18-35 f/1.8


When we announced the new 18-35mm f/1.8 lens from Sigma, the excited and joy-filled response from you all was nearly instantaneous (which was rather impressive since it was confirmed at just past 1 in the morning eastern time). I too was particularly excited because of what this lens means to the industry and the future of lens design. I want to share ...

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Getting The Image You See In Your Head: Blending vs HDR


This shot is an HDR shot blended from 6 bracketed shots. Each shot is one stop different from the next. The exposures range from -2 through +3. Aperture was set to f/16. The shutter speed ranged from 1/125 at -2, to 1/4 at +3. Often times when I’m photographing landscapes, the image the camera sees versus the image in my ...

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30 Inspiring Examples of Black and White Photography


Today we decided to showcase a different type of inspiration. We decided to gather beautiful examples of black and white photos to show you that sometimes it’s good to leave colors aside. I really like black and white photography. I believe that without colors we can focus on the image itself, see more details, admire angles, lighting, composition and things ...

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How to Make the Most of Your Photography Skills


Photography is one of the most loved niches when it comes to art. It can be done by both amateur and professional photographers. All you need is your camera and your passion for it. Passion is important since you will not be able to work on something if you really do not have your heart into it. One good thing about ...

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How to Organize Your Digital Photos with Photoshop Lightroom


Whether you’re a hobbyist photographer or a full-on professional, there’s no doubt that keeping your photos organized is a task in and of itself. Thankfully, with just a little forethought and some patience, you’ll be working better and more efficiently in the Library module in Lightroom. Just keep these quick tips in mind. I’ll be the first to admit that ...

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Can You Fix a Blurry Picture?


Is there any way to fix a blurry picture? The short answer is not really, but we might be able to get pretty close in some cases. Let’s start by examining four different kinds of “blurry”: Camera movement is seen when the camera moves while the picture is taken. Even if the camera movement is imperceptible to you, that doesn’t mean ...

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40 Amazing Examples Of Liquid Art Photography


Liquid art photography or liquid splash photography is one of the familiar forms of photography that is used for multiple purposes. They are used in artistic intentions and also for promoting a number of products. They are used in advertising from coffee to a wide range of products and this photography is always fascinating to viewers. Liquids are involved in ...

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