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30 New Free Fonts for Headlines


Today’s round-up focuses on clean, distinctive and easy-to-read fonts that designers may not necessarily crave, but will always need. Those types (no pun intented) of fonts, whether that be for a web page or print, that are perfect for headlines and titles. All of the fonts below are free (some requiring a tweet) and for the most part are can ...

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Source: http://tympanus.net By: PATRICK COX   A really well designed user interface is one that goes unnoticed by the user, whereas a poorly designed user interface forces the user to pay attention to it instead of the content. Users come to websites in order to achieve a goal: buy a new book, learn about jQuery, share an article with friends, find new music, ...

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30 brilliant jQuery UI Framework Plugins For Your Next Designing Project


It is needless to say that jQuery plugins increases performance and attractiveness of a blog. So since beginning we have been contributing informative articles about jQuery. We have previously published jQuery scrolling plugins, jQuery plugins for Responsive websites, jQuey plugins and coding techniques and many more. If you are a newbie you may find this guide to jQuery very helpful. ...

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From the author: The last year i’ve mostly been working on aTV app and websites. This is just a personal design project I thought i would do just to keep app design fresh in my mind. Feel free to use elements. Or make suggestions as to what could be added to make a complete UI kit.

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Lighting up Cigar/Cigarette Tutorial


This effect is very useful for those who love to photograph cigars/cigarettes, commercial ads, or just like to play around with smoke/fire type effects. Sometimes it can get real messy photographing a real lit cigar and smoke so this can be a rather more efficient alternative. This is actually a really simple tutorial to achieve which creates a nice quality ...

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50 Gorgeous iPhone 5 Wallpapers


In this article you have a collection of 50 gorgeous iPhone 5 wallpapers which I’m sure you’ll like. Even more, here you’ll find some stunning iPhone HD wallpapers which will look absolutely gorgeous on that retina display.

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