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Typography Tuesdays! Featured Artist: Budiono Tri


Welcome to the first instalment of Typography Tuesdays! Today, we are featuring an extremely talented artist, Budiono Tri, who has an impressive portfolio ranging from illustrations to logos and typography. Check out his full portfolio here & here [threecol_one_first]  [/threecol_one_first][threecol_one]  [/threecol_one][threecol_one_last]  [/threecol_one_last] Source We particularly like this piece of work; a lot of effort goes into producing a typographic piece like this – and ...

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Typography Tuesdays- Craig Ward


Today we’re featuring a British born designer and art director currently based in New York: Craig Ward Craig published his first book in 2012 (Popular Lies about Graphic Design) which immediately became an Amazon best seller. It is now in its second edition which was published earlier this year. The book is an attempt to debunk the various myths, mantras ...

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The Million Dollar Homepage


Several years ago I remember coming across a link to a site selling some advertising. I can’t remember how I found it, but I found a website that was selling off space on the homepage in pixel blocks. When I got to the site, I found what was mostly an empty grey square, which had a few sparse ads on ...

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Polygon Art


Using vector based triangles to generate portraits of people, animals and buildings is beginning to be used more frequently in graphic design. It is worth investing many hours into practising this method of graphic design as it is one of many great skills to add to your kit.  Hope Little has created her own ‘Trianimal Series’ which shows an excellent ...

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Useful Tools for Creative Minds


As a designer/artist, the idea generation stage of a concept can be the most exciting & invigorating experience. However, it can also be the most time-consuming, frustrating and challenging process. So how does one actually come up with ideas? There is no right or wrong method, as each creative mind works best in their individual ways. Ideas can come from ...

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Typography Tuesdays: George Anzaldo


Welcome to the closing Typography Tuesdays of this month! We’ve been keeping a close eye on our guest’s work over at instagram recently and the lettering he produces is stunning. The Design Club presents: George Anzaldo   From San Francisco, George is a multi-talented individual who also has roots in music and dance, having appeared on America’s Best Dance Crew ...

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Midweek Inspiration: ‘We Talk Too Much in Circles’


Every Wednesday starting today, The Design Club will be featuring one piece of work picked from our photostream. Today we are featuring this great typography piece which features an interesting type design. The stems of each letter are isolated and is done by adding a shadow like element within different sections of the letter. This provides an interesting effect almost ...

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Typography Tuesdays – August 2013 Edition


In July, here at the Design Club we decided to feature typographic artists and push the art of typography out to the world. Many don’t realize the importance of typography & the power it holds. Each specific element in design holds its own way of communicating to users. Typography is one of those elements which tends to be overlooked and ...

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Getting started with DSLR Photography


The world is pretty and some of the moments are best shot with a DSLR camera. It is essential that a budding photographer gets all the necessary details about DSLR photography well before getting started with it, avoiding getting overwhelmed with the details at a later point of time. If you are starting out, we recommend purchasing entry level DSLR’s ...

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Typography Tuesdays – Evelin Kasikov


We have another guest here at the Design Club who has kindly taken part in our interview for Typography Tuesdays! Evelin Kasikov has been named as an inspiration to our other interviewee today; Dominique Falla. Evelin Kasikov is a graphic designer and author of CMYK embroidery. Prior to graduating from Central Saint Martins with an MA in Communication Design, she spent a ...

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Typography Tuesdays – Dominique Falla


Its Typography Tuesday again and we have had the chance to interview another talented artist: Dominique Falla. Dominique Falla is an Australian designer/artist who works in a variety of craft mediums and combines them with a digital aesthetic to make tactile typography pieces. You can check out her work at her website here   How did you get into typography, and ...

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