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Designing A Free Website With IM Creator


A new website builder for which you are seeing people talking all over the place is IM Creator. It’s a really neat product with which you can create your own beautiful website without having to know how to code. And all this can be done for free. The WYSIWYG editor makes things easy and you can add and modify elements ...

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A Roundup of Stunning Landing Pages For Inspiration


As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. This is especially important to remember if you’re designing a landing page for a product or service. When a potential customer arrives at your product’s landing page – if the copy isn’t right, if the product doesn’t seem compelling enough or if the design is lacking, ...

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Javascript & HTML5 Game Engines Libraries


If you want to create a game like the ones you have on your phones, you don’t necessarily have to build it from scratch, reinventing the wheel. You can use a Javascript game engine library and there are a lot to choose from. Each of them has various functions that can be attractive to you, depending on what type of ...

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Beautifully Designed Mobile App Landing Pages


When you’re designing a landing page, there’s usually a few prominent things that you’d like the user to do. You may want them to check out the demo, to read the FAQ to find out more or – importantly – you may want them to buy the product. But when you’re designing a landing page for a mobile app – ...

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Minimalist Icons And Glyphs For Inspiration And Download


I have always been fascinated by minimalist icons and their use inside a website. When I started to be a designer, I thought highly detailed icons were the ultimate thing, the most awesome types of icons that there could be in the design world. After designing a few of my first websites I learned that those are just pretty things ...

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Interesting New Web Designs That You Should Check Out


I have gathered a new batch of sites with interesting designs, among which you will find two that had a redesign. One of these two is WebDesignerDepot, which gained a lot of popularity when they were launched for their aspect. Now, with an even more outrageously cool design, they are hoping to have the same effect. The other site that ...

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Creative And Modern Web Design Layouts For Inspiration


Although much of the inspiration a designer gets is from sites that are already designed, coded and up & running, in some cases he must look at creative layouts too, because they illustrate a different perspective on how to design a website. Now, some of these layouts that you will see in this article have been coded and delivered as ...

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A List Of jQuery PDF Viewers Available At The Moment


Although jQuery PDF viewers are not a popular resource among web designers, they are quite useful in the proper project. I know this article is not the flashy one with a huge list of resources that you would normally get your eyes stuck in, but it has to be done so that people who are in need of a free PDF viewer can find ...

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The Demanding Art Of Still Life Photography


The pictures in this article, unlike the ones in the previous one, are mainly focused on still life photos that look like paintings. I know it looks like the photos have been retouched but actually this effect is created with the help of good lighting. Apart from these painting-like pictures, you will also see various photos that fall into the ...

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