20 Most Beautiful Pink Colored Websites of All Time


A featured pick from debarshi: 20 Pink coloured themes for inspiration or amusement. Be sure to check out the full article by clicking the source below!


Pink can be termed as girly stuff, but pink in web design can prove fruitful on many cases. According to Wikipedia pink is a color of Love, health, dawn, springs and many things but when pink is utilized in web designing it gives a lot more attraction to the website.Pink is used in many forms in a website. Some designers uses it to build the background with pink, some uses to make the link or clickable button Pink, some uses it to design the logo. This list can be never ending. To inspire you to use pink in your next web design project we have compiled a list of 20 most beautiful pink colored websites of all time. Checkout this amazing collection reply your thoughts about pink as a web design trends.


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